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Installation of reversing radars

are proximity sensors for road vehicles designed to alert the driver of obstacles when parking.

Rear view camera installation

carry out your maneuvers in complete safety with optimal visibility to adjust direction or stop

GPS radio installation

GPS car radio is the perfect acquisition for exact satellite navigation, Equipped with the global geolocation system

installation of LED bulbs

All LED lighting for your vehicle: LED bulbs, LED kit, for all brands and even tailor-made at great prices!

Remote control

remote door locking, remote control of door opening and closing, SOS IN case of emergency

baffle and amplifier installation

Installation of whatever silk Amplifier you want or Speaker Amplifier Hi-Fi Stereo system etc.

installation of electronic boxes

an electronic box = a high-performance car, the Reprogram allows you to optimize the performance of your engine

dashboard change

your car dashboard is worn out!! and it is not working very well, do you think it should be changed? call us

Installing/changing airbags

Also note that an airbag cannot be reused if it has exploded. It is therefore necessary to replace it after an accident

installation of plotters

Installing a GPS vehicle tracker remains the best solution against car theft. It allows you to alert the police as quickly as possible

Installation of HID headlights & xenon kit

xenon headlights operate via lamps of the same name, with a more intense luminous flux and reduced consumption

Professional diagnosis of your system

Search for malfunctions in electrical and electronic systems: ignition, injection system, etc.

Regeneration of the particle filter

cleaning and emptying the particle filter is essential to be able to filter fine particles

Termination of AdBlue

Top up with AdBlue® as quickly as possible, AdBlue, a complementary additive to consume less Diesel

S.O.S Battery / wireless key

A car battery is broken, what to do? Call us for immediate service

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